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My Story

I am a 40-something IT professional living in Africa, having been born and raised in a little country known as Namibia- a neighbor of South Africa.

Since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated by computer technology. I didn’t have much access to this around where I lived, so I spent a lot of money buying and reading those old computer and gaming magazines from the late 80s and early 90s- immersing myself into another world. My first “computer” was a Nintendo console and later, a Genesis console. It was during this time that I read about a thing called “the Internet”, circa 1992, when Sega were testing out Internet-gaming for the Genesis via a modem add-on. I was even more fascinated by the possibilities!

Later in that decade, when I had finished High School, I started working at was the first ISP in our country and pretty soon, I had gone from frantically pressing the Escape-key whenever I made a mistake on Windows 3.1, on my first few days- to managing mail, routing and switching and other communication systems, within months.

I was now at the “core” of the technology that so fascinated me during my formative years and my dreams had somewhat come true, to an extent. I now found myself “in” this world and the Internet was my daily stomping ground.

I’ve always wanted to do something meaningful with all the knowledge and skill that I had picked up and later in my career- around 2011, I discovered the “niche-site” phenomena. Here you had ordinary people from around the world, making more than a very decent living for themselves and making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in the process.

There were of course different ways of making money, but throughout all this time since then, the formula has persisted: Find out what people want online, gather that information, help them by supplying them with that information and make tons of money doing it!

That idea and approach still holds true and will continue to, since that is really the foundation of any business.

I dabbled in this over the years and due to my own Commitment-issues, I made a little money, but recently I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate and I am on my way to true financial independence.


Why I Want To Help People

I experienced a scare during the latter part of my career when I was laid off and I realized how many people find themselves in similar circumstances. During this period, I developed a bit more compassion for people in general.

I realize how amazingly blessed I am to have received all this knowledge and experience without formal study. I still thank the Creator for that almost every day. Additionally, having stumbled upon an amazing opportunity to make a living via Wealthy Affiliate, and knowing that millions of people out there can also lift themselves out of their financial circumstances if only they just had a trustworthy resource to show them the way and help them with the little bothersome technical aspects of getting their online business setup, is what motivates me.


Why this site exists

I gather and present information to help you achieve your goal of launching an online business and experiencing financial freedom via passive, residual income.

I hope you find the information presented here helpful and informative.

If you ever need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



Hey, I'm Helmuth! I'm a 40-something IT professional, father, and husband. I've been making an income online for a while now and I love to help ordinary people like you discover money-making opportunities online. Please, dive in and get started!

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